There is a girl who knows a wolf

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There is a girl who knows a wolf

Post by Enigma on Thu Oct 17, 2013 12:01 am

A lone wolf wandered throughout the night, his back smeared with blood, his tail dangling down limply as he pushed on, a whimper with each step as he hobbled towards the lights in front of him. The lights this grey timber wolf saw were that of a snow-covered town, peacefully resting as people sang and threw snow-balls, eating happily among friends and family. This wolf however, had only primal urges in his mind for now, food, and shelter.

As he made his way into the civilized area of mankind he tried to stay in the shadows, hiding under the porch of a house on the outskirts of town, the icy wind nipping at his fur-covered face as he collapsed from exhaustion, halfway into the makeshift shelter. Cold thoughts surrounded the youngling as he closed his eyes, a little whimper escaping his canine mouth.


Hours had passed and unknown to him, a local girl who lived in the very house he had tried to escape from the hideous wind under, had found the freezing wolf and managed to being him into her home, into her room. Perhaps this girl was dumb, or perhaps this girl was clever, but she had just brought a wild animal, a wolf no less into her very room. Then slowly, this wolf began to open his eyes and wake.

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