The apocalypse intro.

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The apocalypse intro.

Post by Enigma on Sun Jan 06, 2013 7:56 am

I am writing a new book, the title and plot confidential at the moment, but I need some advice. From what I can tell you so far there will be a field trip and as you know, all field trips there are partners. So, with the main characters listed below I would like your opinions on who should get who as a partner.


Abby: Abigail is a freshmen in the high school and is Zachs half sister, there dads being the same. She is currently in a relationship with the school nerd, Michael. She also has a long term hatred for Caroline.

Zach: Zach is a sophomore in the high school and is step brother to Abby, and full brother to Andge. He is currently single but has targeted several crushes.

Marcy: A sophomore, part of a student exchange who is a best friend of Andge. She is currently single, but has a few guys on her list. 

Steven: Steven is a secretive sophomore who likes to keep his distance from people. He is also known to be very pervy. Single, obviously. Not many girls can stand him

Kyle: The younger brother to Steven, he has a knack for getting into trouble and doing inappropriate things. He rarely watches his language and is single.

Andge: This freshmen is Zachs younger sister, and a best friend to Marcy. She's a brunette, but usually has dark red streaks in her hair. She is single, and plans to stay that way till college.

Caroline: Caroline is the sarcastic class member, loving to show her friends tumblr pictures and humorous gifs. She is single, and a sophomore. Her brother is Henry.

Nathaniel: Nathaniel is the only African American student in the class, but is very smart. He is also the only senior in the class and is known for being quite religious. He is single.

Michael: Michael is the class nerd, and always seems to be interacting with something technological. He is dating Abby, though most wouldn't call it romance.

Henry: An adventurous junior, he is also a natural leader and loves to pull pranks. He also has a sarcastic sense of humor. His sister is caroline.

Torren: Torren is the type of kid peoria avoid. Always in the dark and rarely ever speaks, she is considered goth by her classmates. A sophomore, she is.

Laura: Unsociable, impatient and a need this freshmanr is considered to be annoying. Single, and loves to creep people out

Chris: Chris is an obnoxious junior who has a certain craving for danger. He is a athlete, and single though doesn't care what happens. 

Vicky: Vicky is a very very hyper freshman who has a certain addiction to pixie sticks. She loves to annoy her best friends, such as zach, nathaniel, Stephen, and Andge. Single.

Asi: Asi is an Indian exchange student who is currently a sophomore. Very caring, she likes to help people and rarely shows any sadness.

Ryan: Ryan is a outdoors type guy, loving to hunt and explore. He is Zachs best friend and he plans on joining the army. Single and sophomore.

Jasmine: Jasmine is Andge's twin and Zachs sister. She likes to act wild, calling herself crazy and she is lesbian. Single, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have a crush. She's also very sarcastic.

LAMQOD: Her real name is not known, and she's very mysterious. Secretly a fixer, she is disliked by many, but she is also the only one Torren usually talks too. Single and freshman.



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Re: The apocalypse intro.

Post by liz on Sun Jan 06, 2013 7:59 am

I like my freaky made up self.

Relatable Meme.

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