A Simple Introductory To Paramos Magic

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A Simple Introductry to Latin Crossblades

Post by liz on Thu Dec 13, 2012 10:26 am

Origin: Born in Ancient Rome, Latin Crossblades is a magic that has been passed through blood. (meaning- if your charrie can do latin crossblades, they are related to Solaris)
What it can do: Obey charm-words that are spoken. Some Crossblade spells include:
Cum his laminis, protegat- With these blades, Protect-locks blades into the figuration to be used
Salvum Anima- Save the soul- transports user to safety
Trahe malediction-Draw the curse-draws out an evil possessing one
Protego dilexit et amissum-Protect the loved and lost- protects the user's friends
cicatricem fecit per veritatem-scar made by the truth- tells truth from lies
meum servaverit abscondito, confidere occultis meis, vivunt occultis meis.- keep my secret, to trust my secret, my secret they live.- oath
use any latin commands though.
Appearance: none, other than a dagger crossed with a sword, a gold aurating glow

Relatable Meme.

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A Simple Introductory To Paramos Magic

Post by Tutto on Mon Dec 10, 2012 7:57 am

Paramos Magic
Origin: The form of magic was found a long time ago but had been kept secret. It poses to be powerful and is most into enchanting. The magic was found in small town of Ireland in which the man began using it and passed it on to his sons. As time grew the family that sprouted made a company of illegal trading and again as time grew a world dominating party.
What it can do: It is mostly to enchant but can be used as a pure magic. It is a somewhat chaos magic, performing mainly destruction and twisted evil.
Appearance: When enchanted the object will seem to have a purple array of colour around it almost as if an aura.
Notes: More will be coming of Paramos Magic

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