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Post by Jasmine the wonder llama on Mon Nov 26, 2012 4:51 am

OK I'm doing a shop!
Right what you can buy with what!

200 credits- seal true name
100 credits- have a character who can do more than one type of magic
100 credits- get a sanctuary job
50 credits- change a characters chosen name
300 credits- have a faceless one as a character
200 credits- have an actual ancient as a character (can only post in the past time section I am making)
150 credits- cure a zombie character
250 credits- have a character related to a cannon character

Cairi blue- age ~ 520- looks 21- taken- headmaster

I'm the admin and the creator of this site
pm if you have any questions Smile

lol! Ooh lookee here! These be scrolling words! lol!

Jasmine the wonder llama
The last of the wonder llamas
The last of the wonder llamas

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