Just looking out on the day of another dream

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Just looking out on the day of another dream

Post by liz on Mon Nov 04, 2013 3:28 am

Hallo Guest, My name is Luna and you have found my rp invite
Hallo, I don't know if you know me or not. You might be my best friend or someone who ran a google search for orange jell-o and found this topic by absolute mistake. Well, let's meet the crazy little demons, shall we?

  Solaris Delphine
Solaris Delphine: Solaris- from Latin 'Sol', meaning sun, solar: of the sun. Delphine- from Greek 'Delphi', the place of the oracle of Apollo, The Sun God.
I'd like for you to meet Solaris Delphine, the girl who started it all, my first character. She is an twelve-year-old Technopath from the area around London. She has an older sister, Torren Rose, who shares her soul with Char.  When Torren and Sol found out they were sisters, a small bit of Torren's darkness latched itself on to Sol's light, and it began devouring her. Sol has become very sick in the meantime, and there is apparently no cure for this mysterious unknown disease. She is very attached to her best friend(and boyfriend) Aaron, and her other friend Melody. Together they're trying to stay strong in the dark times they're going through.
Currently in a roleplay with: Torren(Zach)
Waiting List:

Charlotte: Charlotte- Warrior. Char- scorch, as with flame.
Now, I'd like you to meet my SECOND character. Char is a seventeen-year-old Necromancer from Belarus. She shares her soul with Torren Rose. Charlotte moved from Belarus to Cairi's School at age eight, leaving behind her friend Emily for a new chance at life, a chance at not being the terror of the town, a chance at meeting others like her. She met Torren, who she despised right away. She also met James, who she fell in love with. It was a sticky-sort of love triangle, as James was in love with Torren. After a while, Char and Torren became, well, allies and started getting along. Let's roleplay, why not?
Currently in a roleplay with:
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This is my third character, and the first double of mine you will be meeting today. L is a fourteen-year-old adept who lives in the UK. She has four cousins, not all of which are friendly. Something happened in her mind at age eleven, sending her on a killing spree, destroying everyone who knew her real name. She grouped with her cousins afterward, as she became sane again. They called themselves The Insanity Warp. Her oldest cousin, Kai, stood against their purposes and abandoned them. The remaining Insanity Warp began working as assassins. Because of this, she met her now fiance Lamount. During this she was caught by the police and excecuted for crimes to numerous to mention, but including arson, homocide, and murder. Lamount rescued her from Heck, but she was being chased by demons sent to bring her back. She ended up in a persephone deal, May through September on earth and the remainder down below. A few days after Lamount proposed, her older cousin Kai made a reappearance. Before matters were settled, L had to return down below.
Currently in a roleplay with:
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 Form  Blot Inkwell-Lament
Blot Inkwell-Lament: Blot- a spot, as with ink. Inkwell- vessel used to contain ink. Lament- To feel deeply sad for.
This is my fourth character, as well as everyone's favorite. Blot is a twelve-year-old girl calligrapher who is originally from Milan, Italy. She is an Inkling, meaning she is not  human. Never was and never will be. At age 5 she met Dimitri, who she fell in love with instantly. He was her purpose, meaning she had to give her life to protect him. However she cares about him so much that it would not be a problem for her when or if it's needed. She has a younger brother, Nickolas, who is also an Inkling.

Tucked away in the Andromeda Galaxy, a worldlet belonging to us. The users. This world is known as the Dreamscape, a floating land filled with larger-than-life personalities. There are those that harm and those that heal. Ruling the worldlet is a tyrannic and mysterious Queen known only as Eris. She has made only one rule:
There are none.

Shauna Culvert
Shauna: Shauna- gracious. Culvert- A drain or waterway under a bridge or road; sewer.
Meet Shauna, the second double of mine you will meet today. She's a twelve year old girl that's not exactly from any place anywhere... She's not exactly what the perfect, normal human being looks or seems like. First of all she has grey skin, glowing yellow eyes, spiky brown hair, pointed teeth and an obsession with coffee. She used to be just like everyone else, but she was taken away from her family and friends to a different place. When she was there they changed her to her current form. At age 9 Eris took her away to the Dreamscape, not only giving her a new chance at life but also a humiliating secret. Shauna and Eris were twin sisters. The two were separated at birth and Eris found her again. Eris is widely hated throughout the entire Dreamscape so Shauna keeps the relation secret. Everybody in the Dreamscape was scared of Shauna, or made fun of her or even hurt her. Months ago Shauna met Antonio, the first person who was ever nice to her there. Now Shauna and Antonio are dating each other. Eris has made sure they won't stop dating as well. She may seem frightening but she truly is kind and giving, a good friend.
Currently in a roleplay with:
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Dark Sol
Meet Dark Sol, and say hello before she kills you. In the real world Solaris's darkness exists deep inside of her, but in our Dreamscape as an entirely different person. She's Sol's twelve-year-old doppelganger that is just like Sol... minus her compassion and care, and plus a murderous outlook on the world.

Relatable Meme.

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