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Post by Jasmine the wonder llama on Mon May 06, 2013 12:47 am

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Sparrow Dagger

Post by Capricious on Sun Mar 31, 2013 7:24 am

Sparrow Dagger

Given name: Rachel Moore
Chosen name: Sparrow Dagger
True name (optional): Ergana
Age: 18
Hair: Red
Eyes: Brown.
Skin: Pale white
Height: 5'6 ft
Country of origin: Wales
Family (optional): None.
Side: Neutral
Navimancy is the manipulation of the energy created by the movement of electrons to create things like walls and other barriers. It is much like telekinesis, with the twist that instead of moving the object you are moving the energy around the object to move said object or creating a barrier under the object which you move. It has very strong defensive capabilities and if used creatively, can be great on offense as well.

Navimancy can be used for combat. The user shapes energy into some form of sharp object, or merely wraps their fist in energy and socks their opponent. Fighting with Navimancy requires a lot of focus and imagination to use, and is not necessarily easy to use offensively.

The user might create a wall out of energy and hide behind it. Or if they had a sword in their right hand they might make a shield in their left hand. If one has a shield that is merely there, it takes very little energy to keep the shield in existence. This makes the user able to make very large shields at very little cost. However, once the barrier is under pressure, whether it be from a sword or from a heavy weight. The barrier becomes harder and harder to keep in existance.

The user can make invisible walls for their foe to run into, or can make the controlled energy opaque and have it take the form of a human.

The user of this specialization can use his/her power to read disturbances in the surrounding energy, this is a very easy specialization to learn. Therefore it is not very popular, and users that learn this as their only discipline are teased and shunned by the community.

The Human Barometer
Practitioners can often tell when a storm is coming, and how intense it is going to be. This serves almost no purpose. But some learn it as a side discipline to something else if they are badly affected by weather. People also use it if they are sailors or jet pilots, so they know if a bad storm is coming.

Since this discipline derives it's power from the energy made when atoms change or reform themselves, users can pry electrons away from atoms. This basically means that they can split things apart. Disintegrate them. This specialization requires an inhuman amount of concentration and power. Making it near impossible to learn. Only two people in history have mastered it. Both were vampires, both had trained for over 500 years, and both had complete silence and solitude while they mastered it. Oh yeah, and if one has insufficient training in Splitting, one can easily cause the force of a nuclear bomb to go off. Or miss entirely and vaporize a nearby object or ones self.
Of course, when prying electrons from atoms, you create a lot of excess energy, the energy that this discipline uses, so splitting anything, even a thumbtack, can give you a source of energy that you can move mountains with.

Special Information
Since this discipline requires a lot of concentration to use offensively, the users of this discipline are mainly pacifists. When doing exceptionally large projects, they might enlist the help of others. They can store amounts of energy into items for use later, because their power can use a lot of energy in the right circumstances. All of their power glows different colors if it is used opaquely.
Weapon: Wooden base ball bat (Delilah), revolver with specially made bullets (made with a glass case to shatter upon impact with holy water, salt, etcetera)
Job (optional): Student
Biography (at least four lines): The thing about life is that it always has to end. The story of Sparrow Hawk didn't start out like a regular person's. It started before she was born. Her mother was a teenager, young and in love with her school's top athlete. He was the man's man of the school and every girl wanted him. It was fortunate that one evening, whilst at a party, he came across Sparriw's mother. They talked and danced and did many things they would regret in the future. They became a couple- but in secret. They liked the danger, the exclusivity. Of course, it wasn't long before they were caught and rumours flew through out the school. Sparrow's mother broke up with her boyfriend and dropped out of school after finding out the most life changing thing ever: she was pregnant.

Sparrow was born five months after her mother dropped out of school. She left no name at the hospital but she did die there, leaving Sparrow alone in the world. She held her daughter once as she drifted off into that eternal sleep.

Sparrow was given a name and put into the child services. Going from foster home to foster family to foster home, Sparrow never had an easy life... until that one fateful day she was with a foster family who knew magic. Sparrow began to learn and finally became an Adept. She trained and trained to get her power under control. When she finished school, she managed to get into a college of arts in Ireland.
Rp example (at least four lines please): She knew she was quite the creeper. She was just stood there, under the magnolia tree at her college as the car cruised on by. She watched it, knowing he was inside. Of course he only sounded evil when put like that. He was the most popular boy in class... Easy going, a party-goer and a social genius. How could she not fall for him. Sparrow looked at her college ID. She had managed to get in under her taken name. Sparrow sighed. She cleared her throat and talked to her binder. "Oh, hello. My name is Sparrow Dagger... Oh, hey. The name is Dagger. Sparrow Dagger... No, that's stupid. Uh... Hello, I'm Rachel Moore. I'm totally retarded and just gave you my given name. Great. Come at me, bro... No... Hi. I'm Sparrow. We have art class together..."
Any other notes: Power taken from the Skulduggery fan forum as I'm a lazy butt.


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