James Darke

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James Darke

Post by Jasmine the wonder llama on Mon Feb 11, 2013 12:42 am

"Sam you have to kill me. Torren gave me some of her blood I ran away but... Cairi I... I killed him"
James to Sam
James Darke

NAME: James Darke
STATUS: alive
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Brown
SPECIES: dhamphir with magic

James was born in England in either the late 1600's or the early 1700's. His half sister Sam was born 100 years later. Until Sam was born he's been living with his mother who was a full vampire and he survived on only blood.

In the 1800's James's mother was killed by local magicians and James had to flee the area. He continued to live on blood for twenty years, by which time he was caught and put in a silver cage where he was found by his father.

James spent the next 100 years or so in the cage, his half sister Sam was by now a century old and she viewed James as weak due to his capture and entrapment. They didn't get on as James had been persuaded to not drink blood as because he was a half vampire he could live without it and Sam believed that he should not hold back his urges to drink blood.

Soon it was World War II and James was conscripted into the army, no one knows what happened to him there but when he retuned he had changed again becoming distant from other people's company and began to learn necromancy.

In 2001 he started learning at Cairis school and met torren who he later fell in love with and char who loved him and although he loved her back he still loved torren more however he felt that char loved him more and confided in her the most.

Sam killed zach and jaz's parents and James faked her death and sent her to an island that was undiscovered by non magical society and was not often visited by anyone. When zach went to get Sam back, James had an argument with torren and tried to kill himself, however to save him she gave him some of her blood to drink, trying to get him to drain her to save himself. James ran off but his addiction to blood came back and he began to kill and drain innocent victims all over Ireland.

When Sam and Zach returned James had gone completely feral and had at least killed the whole of Dublin excluding the school who were fighting against him. Sam went to talk to him and after almost killing his own sister James tried to persuade her to kill him and save everyone. However Sam wouldn't and after talking she persuaded him to stay and he handed himself in to be held in a silver and platinum cage until he got over his blood lust.

James found it hard to survive without blood and almost drained torren and his sister Sam whilst he was in the cage. SE managed to persuade him to stop hurting others if James was given bagged blood. The shadow came and visited him, warning him of what would happen if he continued to drink blood the visions he was shown scared him and James refused to have any more blood.

Because he stopped drinking blood so suddenly his body hadn't adapted to human food again and he quickly became ill, despite his friends best efforts he wouldn't drink any blood to stop himself from getting worse.

Cairi blue- age ~ 520- looks 21- taken- headmaster

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Re: James Darke

Post by liz on Mon Apr 21, 2014 7:31 am

Nothing about his and Char's children?
For shame, Jasmine.
((Jokes, but you should consider editing))

Relatable Meme.

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