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Solaris Delphine

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Solaris Madeline Delphine

NAME: Solaris 'Sol' Delphine
AKA: Ironworks, Gearblood, and Coghead by Char.
HAIR: Golden blonde
EYES: Gold
SPECIES: Demigod, blood metal-laced

A young girl from Great Britain, Solaris Delphine is quick-witted and trustworthy.

Solaris was born on August Eighth, 2001. She was homeless, initially. She was found by Mel at age five, and taken into the Dracon clan of urchins. At age 9, the leader died of a plague, Mel was next in line but abdicated soon after. Mel suggested Sol take her place. Everyone thought she was kidding, but she wasn't. So Solaris became the Queen of Diamonds. This was around the time she started spending a lot of time around Melody's brother Aaron.
Solaris quickly fell in love with Aaron. He was the only one that treated her as an equal. They knew each other for 4 years, for 2 of which they were dating, before he lost his life in the Clan Games. Solaris was stricken with grief over his death, and she refused to talk for almost a year. In that period of time she was taken into an insane asylum where she attempted suicide nine times. On November 25th, 2012, she was released from the asylum. She was supposed to leave with Melody but she rebelled, running off, all alone, into the inky darkness of the alleyways of London. In these alleyways she met a rather strange, teenaged girl. In these alleyways she met Torren Rose.
Torren took a few minutes to warm up to Sol at first, but they both felt that they were connected in a way. Torren took Sol to an abandoned castle, where she still lives to this day. At the castle Torren had a flashback, which revealed to her that she and Solaris were sisters. At a later date, Hecate (or Trivia as Sol knew her) revealed herself to them, and also revealed was confirmation that they were really sisters. At the arrival of this news, Solaris and Torren hugged each other. And so they sealed her fate.
Torren, the Purist of Darkness, of course the irony let it play that her close sister was the Purist of Light. A piece of Torren's darkness latched itself onto Sol's light, where it began to feast. The darkness began to eat away slowly at the Light, weakening Solaris both mentally and physically. But before the Darkness started to take effect, something else happened.
Around that time was when the Purist of Hope made his return to earth. Solaris was overjoyed to have Aaron back in her life, he was glad to have her back too. Reunited, they won the Spring 2013 Clan Games, the first victory for their Clan in over a year. The Games drew down to a draw, where a Royalty Representative from each Clan went to the center, a four way fight. Solaris threatened Alice, Aaron's killer, until she surrendered. The other left the draw after a battle with Snake Eyes, only the two if them were left. Snake Eyes surrendered to Sol, who was wounded and had a broken leg, in an effort to get removed from his Clan so he could join hers, so he could be with Melody. This was a victory not only for Sol and Aaron, but for everyone.
And then the Darkness started in on her.

In the future, at age fourteen, Solaris finally dies after years of sickness. At her funeral Aaron tries to commit suicide, aided by Torren, but is stopped by L who like her husband stresses not only the damage that would come if he died but that as soon as she could Sol would come back for him. L is right, and after a year locked in a comatose state Sol returns to him as he wakes up. He then proposes to her. They get married at age 16.

Relatable Meme.

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