Luke 'Eagle' Ross

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Luke 'Eagle' Ross

Post by Jasmine the wonder llama on Mon Jan 28, 2013 12:40 am

'Your Father was a murderer, an idiot and a coward. How do I know? I'm your dad, Melissa, I am Luke Ross' - Eagle to Melissa

Luke 'Eagle' Ross

NAME: Luke Ross
AKA: Eagle
HAIR: Brown/Blonde
EYES:Light Blue/Grey/Green
SPECIES: Human with magic

Luke Ross is a young man from America, after murdering two hundred (approx.) innocents at his school aged 8 he was sent to gaol (the magical equivalent of jail). His sentence ended early when Cairi Blue made an appeal for him to be freed. He stayed at Cairi's School for the rest of his life, here he met Merida who he married. Two years later she died of her curse and the grief stricken Eagle committed suicide leaving behind his daughter Melissa.

Not much is known about Luke Ross's Childhood. He was born in the USA, most probably in Texas and his parents are unknown. There are also doubts as to wether Luke Ross is his real name as no one of that name was born in texas in his year of birth. He was abandoned at almost birth and taken into care but he was never fostered.

Eagle was one of the few people born with the natural ability to perform a magic without being taught. This became a problem when aged 8 something or someone cased him to use his magic to murder teachers and pupils at his school. Only a few people survived, including Torren Rose.

Then he went to goal, where he somehow managed to acquire his gun that he named 'susan'. The gun was one of a kind and it's maker is unknown, some say Eagle made it himself however no one has ever proven or disproven this theory. He was the youngest resident in Goal at the time and was seen as a punchbag by other prisoners until aged 9 he snapped and shot six other prisoners and then 3 guards. Though there were witnesses, none of those shot survived.

His sentence was lengthened and he was moved into solitary confinement for the next year. However he lost his sanity and tried to turn his gun on himself. It's unclear as to how he kept the gun but his attempt to shoot himself in the heart failed as the gun was knocked away however he still had a bullet wound that went clean through his shoulder.

After coming out of hospital a month later, aged 10 he was approached by Cairi blue with another chance at life and a way out of Goal. He accepted and moved to Cairi's school. But he was under strict curfew which he broke many times as he was not meant to leave the school. Cairi Blue never reported him as he believed that Eagle was not to blame for his actions of murder but as Eagle wouldn't talk about it, Cairi couldn't clear his name.

He spent the next 12 years in Cairi's school and killed himself on the premises after his wife Merida's death (they had married two years before). He was buried on the grounds with Merida but his gun was kept in a case on display.

He and Merida became school legend, and the official story was changed to him dying whilst attempting to save Merida. Only close friends know this is a lie, his daughter wasn't told as it was decided that it was better that she didn't know.
The archery and shooting range were named after them and the Gun was moved from Cairi's office into the 'museum' in the history department, opposite the Library.

Before he died Eagle promised Sol that he would return with his wife, as he had returned from the dead once before but had no memory of how. A sensitive called Dimitri saw him in the future having a conversation with his daughter about who he was as he had hidden his identity using a facade. Dimitri recorded the conversation in his diary but didn't tell anyone about it. The book was lost in Russia and hasn't been recovered since. Dimitri died before it came true.

Cairi blue- age ~ 520- looks 21- taken- headmaster

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