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Teen Titan/DC comic fanfic
1 yr after final episode

Chapter one: Reuniting begins....

I walked down the streets of jump city, towards the pizza parlor I used to go to with the other titans after a victory. I looked around me, but the streets were empty, and there was no noise at all. A small gust of wind blew though, knocking my hood off revealing my purple bobbed hair and my black eyes, not to mention the diamond shaped red gem in the center of my forehead. I flew up to the second floor of tables at the parlor and sat down at the usual Titan table, in my normal seat. I gazed out towards the tower which was now almost completely abandoned. I lived there still, and terra and starfire visited often. I sighed and wished they were here, even terra would do, even though I still didn't really like her. My mind flashed back to the day when everyone but the Heros and villains had left. Now jump city was just a proving ground basically for wannabes and autograph seekers. I took out my small scrapbook, that no one knew about and looked at the pictures. There was me and BB and cyborg making waffles, terra on the training course, robin (now nightwing) leading the team against the brotherhood of evil, and me with the three little kids. Then I heard something and I closed and hid my scrapbook quickly.  The wind had died down and I saw someone in the shadows. "who's there?" I asked putting my hood back up and watched as jinx stepped into the light. 
"what do you want?" I growled knowing jinx was an ex-member of H.I.V.E. which stood for something I forgot. She had tried to kill me and the other titans on numerous occasions, so I wasn't sure if I could trust her. 
"Raven isn't it?" she said calmly and sat down across from me, where robin usually sat. "look Raven I'm not here to fight, as much as I want to but I'm here with information and a proposal" she continued to say as she traced a triangle on the table with her finger.
"what's the information? And what's the proposal?" I said not wanting to play games again after the fight we had in the tournament for the best heroine. She looked at me for a second then back to her finger.
"the information is that a group of old villains have reunited and are forming a group they call 'the united jump city villains'. And my proposal is you remake the teen titans and I'll join in. Someone has to do something before these powerful villains attack" she told me.
"jinx, I'm not sure if your aware of this, but BB and robin joined young justice, cyborg joined the justice league, and terra and starfire are around, but not often. I'm the only original Titan left. Also your a villain last time I checked" I said as she looked at me with a curious look.
"well raven we can rebuild with new Heros, I mean you and me, then we can grab some others. I know somewhere we can look" she said ignoring my accusation then stood "we should head for the tower" she concluded and looked across the bay at the tall T like structure.
"fine we can try" I said not trusting her completely but I knew something had to be done. Then I started to walk towards the tower, jinx beside me. As we walked down the street I felt someone, or something watching us......

Chapter 2: The tragic surprise

I opened the door to the living room in the center of the Tower and jinx gasped. I ignored the little remark and proceeded to relock the security features. I powered up the screen and accessed the old teen Titan files. I sat on the couch and jinx sat next to me, her expression still reading amazement. 
"alright I've accessed the Titan files and cyborgs files, so we have something to start on" I say wishing cyborg was here to access the justice league files. I looked though some of the files and the names rolled by. Aqualad, kid flash, bumblebee, myos and miyos, Jericho, all there names blurred together. Finally a noise broke the unearthly silence in the tower. The noise came again, and I realized it was the alarm, a transmission was trying to come in. 
"jinx here's your room key, your rooms next to starfires. You go check it out while I take this call" I say handing her the room key.  As soon as she left I let the transmission come though on the screen. When the image appeared it was a worried miss Martian. I could tell she had been crying, and that she was upset, very upset. something's happened to young justice I thought as she noticed I had responded.
"Raven! It's you thank goodness! I-it's Garfield, he's been shot, and he's dieing" she said in bewtween looking behind her where I could see super boy and robin (the other robin) bending over someone. I sat there dumbstruck as her words registered in my head. 
"where are you? Where was he hit?" I asked my mind racing. I couldn't beileve what she just said. 
"right now we are at mount justice, but we are going to fly him over there, it's safer than here" she said as I heard an explosion and saw nightwing (my robin) locked in combat with some creature.
"ETA?" I asked breathlessly as she moved the image to show BB, with a strange bullet in his stomach, maybe two inches below his lungs.
"one hour" she replied and the image vanished as an explosion rang out from the transmission. I sat there in denial for a minute and then jinx came back in.
"jinx we are gonna have company" I said and explained to her the problem. She nodded and looked around. She did look worried for the situation for some reason as well. "jinx wait in the infirmary and get stuff ready, I'll wait for them to arrive" I said and she obliged. I turned back to the screen and rewinded the transmission to the part where she showed beast boy. I examined the image closer and saw he was almost in human form, he still had a tail. he was a monkey when he was shot I thought and raced into my room.   35 minutes on estimate I told myself as I tore though my library looking for the book I had secretly kept of beast boy.  I found it finally and was about to open it when I heard the alarm, they were here....

Chapter three: Suspicions

I ran up to the roof as the bio-ship landed. I threw back my hood, my hair instantly swept back by the wind. The ramp lowered and superboy and robin wheeled the gurney off the ship towards me. Miss Martian ran along side them, holding Garfield's hand and saying something. I guided then to the infirmary, not saying a word, yet. I unlocked the door and we wheeled him inside. 
"jinx, hook him up to the sensors, robin, give him a sedative, and superboy you try to stabilize his condition" I say still breathless at the sight of the dried blood on my best friends shirt. I then proceeded to move closer and look at the wound. I was right about the bullet, it wasn't a bullet, it was a pointed red object, made of rage. I gasped and knew what had to be done. "Megan, can you get me the scapel?" I asked as I felt that beast boy was fighting back against the spreading rage. Megan obeyed and I soon held the scapel. if this is what i think it is.......then we have a bad problem i thought. Then, slowly, as superboy and robin held him down, I made a small incision. "jinx get me the thread, you have to stitch him up" I said and removed the object of rage, instantly throwing it away, not thinking about the possibilities of this rage powered object. Jinx then sewed the incision closed and I made everyone leave and go to the main room. As soon as we entered I pulled jinx aside and said "jinx, they don't know your past so don't tell them.....at least not yet" then I walked over to everyone else. "alright" I began "we know we need to have someone to watch over beast boy at all times and I suggest that superboy takes the first watch." as I said that superboy just nodded and left back towards the infirmary. Then I said "robin you go take Dicks room" then he left after some protesting. Finally it was just Megan, jinx and me, sitting at the table.
"is he gonna live?" Megan asked me, obviously worried about her 'brothers' condition. I nodded and she sighed, but she didn't relax. I could tell she was suspicious on why I had sent the boys away.  "there's a reason you sent the boys away, correct?" she asked me.
"yes, a very important reason" I said, my face showing that I was being serious and concerned. I sighed then assessed a brand new secret file, not top secret, just a secret file on the Titan computer......

Chapter 4:Discovery

I assessed the file and showed miss Martian and jinx. They stared as the two images came on the screen, the titans worst enemy's, slade and red X. I loaded all there records and there mouths hung even farther to the ground. Finally jinx spoke.
"Red X, he's leading the villains" she said frowning. "also as far as I know, slade isn't here, he was killed right?" she continued, shuttering after saying his name. Miss martian looked at the both of us then realized what was going on.
"wait, that's jinx? And you were having problems here and no one alerted the JL? I thought it was safe here!" she said as she grabbed the control from me and began to go though the criminal database. I paled as she went though trigons file, and my file. "here it is....Jinx" she said looking at me with distrust. I looked at jinx and saw her pale quickly, then leave the room, tears starting to go down her face. It was silent in the room for ten minutes, then superboy came back in. 
"alright, who's next to watch?" he said, smiling, obviously in a better mood then I was in. Miss Martian left without saying a word and superboy gave me a confused glance.
"I'm going to my room, superboy watch the monitors" I say as the setting sun cast long shadows in the tower. Then without him answering, I swiftly walked into my room and shut the door. I looked around at the dark, somewhat scary interior, with my headboard looking like my hood. I sighed and sat down on my bed, making a little sound. I looked around and summoned a candle to me and lit it. Usually I would like to read, but this time, it was serious. I slid my Beast Boy book from under my pillow (yes I hid it there) and started to read his life story, occasionally coming across a picture. After a few hours I flipped to the page with a picture of the time he had hugged me, and comforted me after one of my upset times. I sighed and there was a knock at my door. I quickly blew the candle out and pulled my hood back up. I walked to the door and answered it, it was miss Martian. 
"raven it's your turn to watch him" she said simply and left, leaving me alone in the hallway. I then began to walk up the corridor, towards the infirmary, remembering when my imagination almost killed us, and when beast boy played a prank on cyborg. Finally I made it to the door of the infirmary and hesitated. what if I go in there and he's dead, or had amnesia, or something? then I steeled myself and opened the door and went in. I sat in the chair next to his bed and saw he was drooling in his sleep. I smiled, barely and looked around. I don't know how long it was but my communicator rang and I raised it to my ear....it was terra. 
"Raven!" she said though the static of the poor signal "I-I-I heard he got shot is that true?" she asked me and by the sound of it she must have been running. I don't answer her question immediately.
"where are you? And yea get here fast" I said sighing as she hung up. I looked behind me and saw something, different. Beast boy was losing his tail quickly and was looking as normal, even the stitches were better. I peered into his face and suddenly his eyes snapped open startling me.

Chapter 5: Green is back

I jumped back as he startled me. "fool! What did you get yourself into now" I said as he gave me a grin. He sat up, propping himself up with his arms, obviously still recovering. 
"well hello to you to Rave" he said as he looked around his surroundings. "I'm back in the tower? How?" he asked me as he stood up, his height making him be at eye level with me, which I didn't like at all. "BB, you got shot, then you were brought here, it's best you lay down" I said, then jinx came in. curses, why now does she have to intrude, why couldn't it wait?! I watched as beast boy slowly recognized her and growled, morphing into a lion. "beast boy turn back I can explain, she's on ou....." but before I could finish he pounced at jinx. Well then jinx did the natural thing, and ran screaming 'lion' down the hall with beast boy following her. I sighed and followed, swiftly before he got himself in more trouble. Finally I caught up with them in the garage, ready to fight it out. BB turned into a bull and started charging at jinx. I quickly rose my hands up and created a barrier, most likely giving Beast boy a headache. "BB, she's with me, she's on our side" I said, having to restrain him from trying again. Jinx just stood there still, probably paralyzed with the sudden events. Finally he returned human, but before he opened his mouth I grabbed him by the ear, and dragged him all the way to his room. All the way there all he said was ow, and it made me grin, just a bit. Finally I opened his door and went in after I pushed him in. "beast boy, you should learn not to be so impulsive." I told him as he looked around his room.
"rave! You let the hive come back! After what they did the first time!" he said as he freaked out, now staring at me.
"just clean up and go upstairs we have guests" I said and left, leaving him behind to pull his act together. On the way back to the main room I passed the evidence room and it hit me. Quickly I ran inside and looked though the cases. There was control freaks remote, slades old mask, mumbos wand and hat, and finally a strange red ring we had found while we were on starfires home planet. I could feel the energy and knew that the same energy had caused the bullet in my friends torso. what is this exactly? I thought as I looked though the records. I was too busy concentrating to hear the door open behind me and someone walking towards me. 
"raven? Is that you? Where is beast boy?" asked the familiar voice of terra. I turned and looked at her. She was wearing the same outfit that she had when we found her. I could clearly see the tears going down her face and from the worried expression I could guess she was worried about more than her ex-boyfriend or whatever BB was to her. I nodded at the first question than closed the records and walked out, grabbing her by the arm, and dragging her up to the center of the T. When I opened the door I saw the room was empty and I sighed. great the one time I need her she isn't here, but where is Megan? 
"he's fine terra but we need to talk so sit" I told her and sat on the semi-circular couch in front of our big screen where the titans used to watch movies like wicked scary. She did then sit and faced me and I could tell from her blue eyes, she had a lot of questions and disliked me for some reason.  Then the door opened and beast boy stood there, his hair slicked back and he had brushed his teeth. 
"hello loves" he said and I groaned " not mod AGAIN!"

Chapter 6: the mod is coming! The mod is coming!

I rose from the table and ran to the window. "terra make him laugh!" I yelled as I peered out to jump city. yup....it's mod all right I thought as I looked at the now black and white English style city, which I knew was just a cover and probably covered with guards. I hit the emergency button and saw out of the corner of my eye terra was attempting to make beast boy laugh. I sighed and said "cyborgs battery is leaking" and that woke him up. I whacked the alarm button and soon superboy and robin and Megan were in here.....but no jinx. I looked around and saw that jinx was gone when the door opened again, this time smoking dramatically as Mad mod stepped though.
"hello again my duckies, I believe you need to be taught to respect your elders" he said and with a swipe of his ruby topped staff the tower began to fill with gas and he simply put on a gas mask. 
how? How did he get in the tower? Or get young? I thought as the gas filled my lungs and I slumped to the floor, my eyes closing quickly and then I was out, my last sight was of mod glaring over me......

((30 minutes later....))

I awoke laying on the floor, of a gym. I slowly got up and looked at myself and groaned as I saw I was back in gym clothes and sneakers, with my cape over it. I put up my hood and looked around, ready for the first hypno screen to appear, so I could blast it and get out. Finally it appeared and I blasted it, creating a hole in the wall which I climbed out of and found myself in an office. I looked at the monitors behind the desk and saw that superboy was chained with kryptonite nearby, BB in a straitjacket in biology, robin cuffed and locked and in computer class, and finally Megan, in chemistry, locked in a strange straitjacket-chair-chain mix. I saw mod going from room to room and I knew what to do. I carefully sneaked out of the office and down to where I thought chemistry was. ok all I have to do is free Megan and she can shapeshift into mod and scare him......hopefully I thought as I passed the empty library and social study's rooms. Then a whir of a machine caused me to turn and I was suddenly looking at 3 mod drones, one with rockets, one with lasers, and one with cuffs. I ran quickly as the drones gave pursuit. WHOOSH! A rocket narrowly missed my shoulder and exploded into the laser drone with a somewhat satisfying bang. I kept running as the last one pursued me until I found the chemistry room ran in and slammed the door, disabling the last drone. I looked around and heard a bubbly sound as I saw acid start seeping up from the floor, rising towards the pedestal where miss Martian was bound. I flew across to her and blasted the device off of her when she of course had to collapse onto me as the acid continued to rise. I summoned a shield around us as the pressure from the acid pushed down on the shield, cracking it in some places. Right as it was about to collapse I sank the both of us though the floor and we were standing in the same room as superboy. I blasted the deadly green rock away from us as Megan realeased superboy.
"all right now we need to get robin and beast boy and we can get out of here!" I yelled as we sprinted down the hall as mod drones followed, blasting at us. We had just reached the end of the hall when the door blasted open in front of us and there stood my old friend, Red X with robin on his back......

Chapter 7: X marks the exit

"hello again....I see this robin is new to my suit?" he said the mask muffling his voice. He placed robin down and looked at us, mainly me. Then he summoned red shrukins "come on kids lets play" he said and launched them at us. I summoned black energy in front of me and watched as superboy charged and Megan went to robin. Red X jumped over my shield and swipe kicked my legs, knocking me to the ground and disorienting me alot. I groaned and saw superboy engage X with really no luck and X got his wrist shields out. I managed to crawl to robin and helped Megan carry him out of the hole, into the city which was still British.
"Megan go back in.....I'll watch robin" I said and she went in, no hesitation. I sighed and slapped robin (something I've wanted to do for a long time) and be woke up. 
"raven? What happened?" he asked me as he say up and I had a flashback 
I was covered in the marks, my clothes torn, with robin (now nightwing) next to me. The city was coming apart and the portal would be opened soon. I knew I had to trick him and he would try everything to help....but that was a flaw. "raven? We can help" he said as he knelt beside me covering me with his cape as the world remained frozen around us. "I-I-I should of told you" I had said
Then I burst back to reality and saw robin, miss Martian and superboy staring over me, with a hypnotized BB drooling nearby going on about tofu. I tried to sit up but Megan shook her head.
"raven lay down, you had a bad fall, and we found this nearby" she said holding up a needle with a clear red liquid halfway filling it. My eyes widened and I looked at my sleeve and sure enough there was a hole in it that had a tinge of red on the black. 
"I need to be alone" I told them and proceeded to walk into the dark shadows nearby. The last thing I heard from them was Megan asking what was wrong, and beast boy saying that I was like this a lot. I frowned as I felt something inside straining to get loose, but I pushed that feeling down and took to the sky, slowly flying back across the bay towards the tower. Then I saw something in the corner of my eye and turned just in time to get a black orb in my stomach, forcing me to fall down to the water.
I fell quickly, every second the distance increasing when I felt a grappling line around me and was yanked though the cool night air towards the tower, being pulled by some boat. I gazed behind me and saw a dark figure bearing down on me, his hands surrounded by energy and he kept blasting at me. I created a shield around me but he kept blasting harder and harder. Finally he broke his course right before he would've broken the shield and flew back towards the city which was losing the british cover and I then fell, exhausted, down to the shore of Titan island. Right when I was about to hit I felt someone catch me and whisper 'it's ok raven I'm an old friend' then I blacked out.

Chapter 8: My mind is out

I awoke in a room, my room, my dark somewhat scary room. I sat up and remembered the last thing I saw. It was a boy, I was sure but who? Who would be that brave to save me? I sat up carefully, looking at my bandaged side. Apparently I had hit something....or that thing hit me, whatever attacked me. Then I remembered why I left, something had gotten out....something bad. I got up and made sure my door was locked, then lit a few candles do I wasn't in total blackness. I sat cross legged on the floor, my meditation mirror in front of me. "azarath mentrion zinthose....." I began to repeat until a black vortex appeared in the mirror and emitted 8 other ravens.....my emotions in the form of myself. I stood up once all of them except anger was out and standing in my room. I looked at them one at a time, dark green raven was my brave side, gray was despair and sadness, orange was rude, yellow was intellect, purple was love, and pink was happiness. I looked at my emotions, as they now stood around me, in a circle, all with there own thoughts. 
"Who Yah lets kick some butt!" my brave side said as she rose her hands up in peace signs. I gazed over at my sad self, but she stayed quiet, staring at the ground. I turned around to my happy self but she was just giggling at all of the other emotions. I sighed and looked at my purple self, and she managed to say something.
"think about rorek" she said and my response was throwing a magic book at her, sending her to the mirror. I sighed again, knowing they wouldn't be any help and I sat back down.
"azarath mentrion zinth...." I began to say, but then someone or something slammed against my window and left, leaving me in the middle of my spell. As the void started to consume all but two emotions returned to the mirror and the two emotions that stayed out of the  mirror flew into my body taking over my mind. I fell back, my robes shifting color, as well as my clothes under the robe. I finally sat up again after a few minutes and felt happy inside, as well as a desire to find that fallen angel.....or richor. I looked down at myself and saw my clothes were purple and my robes were pink, and I knew from my normal self that was trapped in my mind, that I had let my emotions become me. I ran to the door and proceeded to run all the way up to the main room, my arms out and making sounds like an airplane flying. I laughed and giggled some of the way, totally forgetting about all else but happiness and love. I'm so happy! This is great....so much fun! I smiled and ran though the tower, passing silky along the way and running into the evidence room, flipping mumbos top hat on my head and laughing. I passed terra in the hallway, but I didn't want to question her on where she was when mod got us. She gave me the strangest look like a what-in-the-world-are-you-doing-you-look-like-a-loonatic look. I just passed her, twirling around and making funny noises. Finally I was standing outside the metal doors of the main room and ran in, laughing at beast boys apron as he made tofu eggs and bacon. He looked up when he heard me laugh and his eyes widened. 
"oh no" he said simply as I ran up to him, giving him a bear hug, terra right behind me, scowling.....

Chapter 9: Happy Raven!

"hey BB I see your still a man of jokes and looks" I said giggling and ran across the room over to the wide windows. "ooh ooh ooh can I go swimming?" I asked pointing at the water below the tower. I waited for a response and saw beast boy go over to miss Martian.
"sis, we need to fix her" he said and megan nodded. "uh rave? Why don't you go...uh....go to the garage and pretend to race in the T-car?" he asked and I nodded, turning around and briefly hugging jinx a I ran down the hall. I spun like a ballerina all the way and finally got to the garage and climbed in the front seat of the T-car pretending I was racing, when I pressed the garage door open button and started te engine. 
"weeeeeeee!" I exclaimed as I started to drive on te water using the hydrofoils cyborg had installed. I turned into the warehouse district and saw mumbo opening an ATM and I just smiled and waved hi, while wearing his hat. His jaw dropped and he waved back, dumbfounded. "oh rorek where are you?" I asked as I careened down the street, almost hitting an autograph seeker. "rorek?, castien?" I called "one of you answer me!!!!" I said then ran into a brick wall, opening the airbags and knocking me out. 

I awoke inside my mind, my normal self thank goodness, but I knew my body was still possessed by my happy and lovey emotions, the worst ones to be possessed by. I sighed and walked though the fields of happy places, towards the forbidden door, so I could get closer to my purple aspects domain in my mind. As I walked I could feel my actual body trying to get up, out from underneath the debris it now had on it. I sighed and looked around, then seeing I was alone I began to talk aloud.
"who broke my window causing this? Who saved me? Who shot at me? Where was terra? Where was robin and superboy this morning?" I kept muttering as I neared the hidden valley of my purple, lovey self. I stepped though the forbidden door and appeared in the valley. I instantly noticed it was dark and I held up my hand, dimly illuminating the area in front of me with my power. "what am I after?" I asked myself, then I saw it. "oh no......my body's going after roreck, this isn't good, my body could tire itself do much, it could die. I have to regain control soon" I said, now running towards the forbidden door again, hoping it would take me to my yellows personalities library. I did happen to fall into the library and saw my wise, yellow self reading the book of azar. 
"hello normal raven" she said handing me a cup of herbal tea, as she sat in a chair, setting down the book. "I know what your going to ask and the answer is yes, there are solutions, as in plural" she said looking at me though her glasses.
I sat in a chair opposite to her and sipped my tea perfect, she really does know every ingredient needed to make good herbal tea I thought. "if there are ways could you explain them, wisdom?" I asked and gazed around at the circular library, packed with books. The bookcases were an old oak, but smelled like fresh cedar. 
"many ways" she began to say "one of the ways is to let your body find roreck then have him enter your mind to help you, or you could use the same spell in here to trap your emotions" she continued "although you would need a mirror for meditation and the only one in your mind is in the pools of rage" she concluded, looking at me. 
"I think I'll find someone to get in here, then find the mirror" I said. Then my body moved, shaking my mental connection, and knocked me out again, as love and happiness reclaimed control.

Chapter 10: recovery part 1 or raven are you in a dress?!?!?! 

I awoke, shaking the debris off of me and smiling looking at my cloak, my still purple robes with pink clothes. "that was like bumper cars!" I said as I climbed out of the wreckage. I started to walk aimlessly, put of the alley and onto main street. I passed by my normal depressing cafe, not even hesitating to go in. I continued to walk down the street then saw it.....a red satin dress in a storefront. I felt my normal self trying to resist the urge that my happy self had to get the dress. Reluctantly my pink and purple selves won over and I walked into the store. The store was empty, so I tried on the dress and it fit perfectly, an amazing color at that. I stuffed my normal cloths in a bag that was in the store and walked out, walking towards the tower when a shadow appeared over me. 
"hello again, raven" I heard the french accented English of monsieur mallah behind me. I turned and smiled and looked at him.
"it's Santa Claus!" I said smiling "Santa! I've been a good girl, do i get presents?" I said looking at the gorilla with a cloth in his hand. gods.....my pink self is dumb.....next thing I know slade will be the Easter bunny..... I thought as the gorilla made a sudden move and clamped the knockout drug laced cloth over my mouth, and before I knew it I was knocked out again.

((in my head.....))

I stood up and noticed that my body had been knocked out. "oh come on!" I yelled as I started to walk though my mind, heading to the pools of rage....the most dangerous part of my head. I walked slowly, resisting the thoughts of my other personalitys, as they tried to tempt me into their domains. I continued down the stone path, that seemed in space, nothing but blackness surrounding the path. I looked down at my feet as I walked and saw the little baby ravens....each with four eyes, making them look cute, but I knew they could get very vicious. They kept telling me to give in, but I willed myself to ignore the remarks they made. Finally I made it to the right forbidden door and stepped though, onto a red bank of sand and stone. I looked around and could see only different shades of red, and right in front was the dark red pools of rage. To go swim in those would cover me in rage, completely changing me fully if I was in too long. Even the presence of this much rage was starting to try to fool me, bringing back memory's, but i pushed them aside and looked into the shallowest pool, which had to be at least ten feet deep. As I looked down I could make out the form of the mirror and summoned energy around me as I stepped in, slowly sinking as the black energy around me, barely kept me safe as the pressure increased dramatically. I kept sinking and reached out, my fingertips grasping the mirror when the shield began to crack, ever so slowly. I willed myself to rise from the depths but I was growing weaker, as rage grew. I finally broke the surface and fell though the forbidden door, blacking out as I fell somewhere else in my mind....not noticing the red anklet that had just been clasped to my ankle by my red self.....the figment of rage and hate....

Chapter 11: recovery part 2 or ?

I fell and awoke as soon as I hit the ground. I groaned as I sat up and saw I was in a maze, the maze of despair. perfect......I'm totally not where I want to be I thought as I started to walk though the seamless gray corridors, looking for my gray self. I couldn't find her after what seemed like ages and I sat down, and I saw it.....the anklet that had somehow gotten on me. I picked it up and as I held it in my hand it transformed and morphed.....into a ring. I looked closely at the ring and saw it had three names on it, Trigon, Crow, and finally my name, Raven. I stared at it and started to put it on when a thought came to me. this is just like the ring in the evidence room, and it's the same color as the object that was in BBs chest I thought as I placed it in the pocket of my cloak, determined to solve its mystery after I was free. I stood up again and began to walk, though the labyrinth and soon I had reached the end and stepped thought the forbidden door. I stepped out the other side and saw my emotion which Beast boy called 'the marine' which is my brave personality. I stepped forward and as I did I saw my green self jump up and slice a statue in half.....with two fingers. I smiled a bit and just walked on by and finally I had made it to the plains of equality.
I looked out onto the smooth, flat circle, surrounded by mountains. I walked to the very center of the circle and set the mirror down. Then, crossing my hands in front of my face. I started to chant various magical azarathian words and soon all if my emotions formed a circle around me. As I continued chanting they started to move around me. 
"azarath mentrion zinthose" I said and all my personalities went into the mirror, knocking me unconscious and out of my head.

I groaned as I  woke up and saw my hands were bound above my head, and I was dangling over a pit of acid, reading Wayne enterprises. I slowly took in my surroundings and saw I was in a warehouse and continued to keep my gaze moving until I locked Ina figure standing on a catwalk, 10 feet in front of me. 
"hello raven, good to see you again" slade said and lowered me a few feet.

Chapter 12: SLADE!?!?

"slade!" I exclaimed as I was lowered closer to the vat  of acid. "slade you idiot! How did you survive?!" I yelled at him as he just stood there. He didn't say a word and instead left as three of his robot commandos came in and stood guard. I sighed and looked around for a way to escape......anything. Then I looked above me and saw a beam of red making a circle in the ceiling. Then the circle fell to the ground with a thud and a figure jumped in. When the smoke cleared I smiled. It was Robin....or nightwing as he was now called. I watched as he took out the robots with ease, then got me out from above the acid and unchained me. 
"Robin? Where have you been? How did you find me?" I asked quickly as he led me out of the warehouse. He didn't speak for a good five minutes....until we were away from the harbor. He was about to say something when someone came into the alley and asked.
"YO! That you ray?" cyborg asked and saw him shine the light over towards nightwing and I. "robin your back too? Where's BB?" he asked and smiled as if he had just eaten his serving and everyone else's serving of ribs.
"nice to see you cyborg" nightwing said, then turned to me "raven we will discuss that later" and I nodded.
"well I hate to break the fun, but Blood is back....with partners" cyborg said and I knew it couldn't be coincidence. Blood, Slade, Red X are back? This isn't good....And now with the strange red beams and jewelry....something's really wrong. 
"well BB is at the tower, and jinx joined the titans and miss Martian is also with BB" I said and looked around, realizing where we were. "guys wasn't a movie place here? Where we fought control freak?" I asked when suddenly a vine came out of the ground and started to circle our feet. I began to try to escape it but it just got tighter, and I saw my teammates struggling too. Then I saw a girl approaching, walking among the vines and I tried to get a better look as the vines crept higher and higher. 
"you!?" nightwing said "poison ivy let us go!" he continued and motioned to cyborg who got his plasma cannon out. I then smirked as in a blast of cyborgs cannon, all three of us were freed and I summoned energy around my palms. 
"azarath mentrion zinthose!" I said and blasted all of the vines away and also knocked poison ivy a few feet back. She then backed away and ran, and I noticed nightwing wasn't chasing after her, so I didn't either. 
"Booyah! We creamed that weed!" cyborg said when from above a green tiger jumped down in frot of us and changed into beast boy. I watched as jinx ran into the alley, followed by miss Martian. 
"well looks like everyone's here" I said and noticed another person coming closer, but I didn't recognize the person until it spoke.    
"my friends! I have found you at last" I heard the familiar voice of starfire say as she illuminated the group with a star bolt.

Chapter 13: Teen Titans Go!

"well this is good., the teams together. Plus M'gann and Jinx" I said and noticed cyborg blushing and nightwing was looking at starfire. "and hello again star, where have you been?" I asked as BB changed his form to a raven and flew up and landed on my shoulder. 

"well, I have been on my home planet, but I missed the moving pictures and the candy made of cotton" she said and hugged us all, one at a time. But she avoided jinx. 

"Boo yah! We are all together now. Now we can go eat pizza, and work on the Tcar and beat the puny villains butts!" cyborg said, but nightwing shook his head.

"no, we can't. The villains have joined together, and according to the league, there is a new brotherhood of evil, led by the brain, slade and Bane" he said and most of us paled, even BB became a lighter green. 

"that's not good....and you say red X and the mad mod and our other villains are there?" starfire asked and I nodded my head.

"yes, most of our main villains have joined the league, and by what superboy, robin, and miss Martian have told me, even some league villains are on the payroll" I said and led the team out of the alley, Bb on my shower still and nightwing quickly getting in front.

"we need a plan, and I have one." he said "first we go to the tower and regroup, then after we get what we need we head to mount justice....well scratch that the base is still damaged, maybe I can have some of young justice meet us here" he told us all and cyborg nodded.

"I believe we should have someone try to scout out and find where the villains are" miss Martian spoke up from behind starfire. "it would be a good choice"

"true, I'll go" jinx told us. "after all I'm an ex-villain and maybe they wont know I'm with you guys" she said.

"deal" nightwing said as he looked toward the tower. "let's go" he said and started running, jinx and cyborg shortly behind him. bB turned into an eagle and starfire lifted off, miss Martian and I right behind her. Then as we started going towards the magnificent T structure we all yelled out at once.......


Chapter 14: The plan in motion.

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