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Character forms

Post by Jasmine the wonder llama on Sun Nov 25, 2012 9:14 am

OK. Heres the form.

Given name:
Chosen name:
True name (optional):
Country of origin:
Family (optional):
Job (optional):
Biography (at least four lines):
Rp example (at least four lines please):
Any other notes:

Characters can know/ know well cannon characters but cannot be related unless there related to the last of the ancients... I'll allow that one

Characters can be related to other characters you've made or another persons character if I can get a pm from both of you before you submit your form.

There is no limit on the amount of characters for now... Go wild!

side is a choice from... Sanctuary, Diablre, SP enemy, VK enemy, Supreme council, neutral, evil, good, insane, ancient and necromancer

heres an example form:
Given name: Steve Bloggs
Chosen name: Real Truth
True name: Exathen
Age: 201
Hair: blonde and shoulder length
Eyes: blue
Skin: pale
Height: 6'
Country of origin: Ireland
Family: non magical family
Side: good
Magic: elemental average power
Weapon: twin swords and a revolver
Job: bounty hunter
Biography: He was born in Dublin, Ireland 201 years ago. He fought in a few mortal and magical wars. He was one of seven children. His four brothers died in a fire along with two of his sisters. His other sister died twenty years later in a fight with a crazy adept. He became a bounty hunter to avenge his sister. However he never found the magician who killed his sister and he decided to let it rest aged 178. He has been working as a bounty hunter ever since.
Rp example (at least four lines please): I cursed at the sky. I was going to lose him, this job would pay well and I was slipping further behind him. I had only one advantage: I knew the streets of dublin, he did not. I cut down an alleyway and turned left, running as fast as I could. I reached the road just as her turned the corner and I followed him. "Hey!" I shouted "Are you going to run all day or are you going to face me like a man?"
Any other notes:He has a scar over his left eye.

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