Two characters.

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Re: Two characters.

Post by Jasmine the wonder llama on Sat Dec 01, 2012 12:15 am

Approved both Smile

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Two characters.

Post by Enigma on Fri Nov 30, 2012 10:09 am

Given name: Merida Dunbrock
Chosen name: Scottish death, red flame
True name (optional): Rebellious
Age: 16
Hair: red
Eyes: green
Skin: tan, but a but on the pale side
Height: 5'7
Country of origin: Scotland
Family (optional): Father (Fergus), Mother (Eleanor) cousin (Torren)
Side: good, neutral, rogue

Magic: adept, Merida has a few magical powers, although she doesn't rely on them for the most part. She knows pyroK, but is a mere amateur at it. She can create small flames and control small fires, but that is the limit that she knows currently. Another powder of hers is that she can see perfectly in any light, and up to distances of a mile away. Her final, and perhaps the best power that she has is what she calls the 'blessing of Artemis'. With this power she never misses a shot, and has increased agility and speed. She is also devoted to maidenhood like Artemis, wanting to choose when she wants to be married, not chosen for her. She can also sense supernatural presences and at times can make whil-o-wisps appear that guide her to very good, or bad things.

Weapon: A variety of bows, arrows, crossbows, and hunting knives. These weapons are made of several different metals and stones.
Job (optional): Does heiress count? If not she is an expert hunter and tracker and is occasionally called to teach archery classes.

Biography (at least four lines): Merida was born in the northern highlands of Scotland, to the parents Fergus and Eleanor. Even as a young child she was a gifted archer, and a rebellious girl. She became great friends with her more goth like cousin, Torran. Then when Torren moved to Glasgow Merida took up competitive archery and always won, winning the best archer in the British isles award. Later, around her 15th birthday she found out she is cursed to be hunted by a legendary bear named mor'du, and that she would have to fight him before she became 18.

Rp example (at least four lines please): I looked out the window of my room in the great castle I lived in. My cousin, Torren would be here soon and I wondered what she was going to be like. She was always so moody, and depressed it seemed. Well, hopefully I'll be able to get some archery practice in. I smiled and grabbed my bow before leaving the room.


Given name: Torren Rose
Chosen name: Dark curse
True name: Raven
Age: 16
Hair: brown or black. It's naturally brown but she dyes it often.
Eyes: black, and empty like a never ending void
Skin: tan
Height: 5'9
Country of origin: Scotland
Family: Clan rose. Brother (Mike) mother (marie) step father (Phillip) cousin (Merida)
Side: insane, neutral, villain

Magic: adept, Her powers are based on darker, eviler powers that take advantage of the target in either seductious or cunning way. She can perform feats over darkness, such as UmbraK, which she is I guess, a 'knight' a it and still has a lot to learn to master it. This power is stronger in the dark, in the night, but is strongest in a blood moon. (a blood moon is a red moon. Just FYI). She has also learned some powers of the succubus, a cunning female demon that is an expert in seducing and slaying males. In fact, she is a quarter succubus herself. The powers she has learned from the succubus species is a miniature kiss of death, which does not actually kill someone but instead makes them very drowsy. However, this ability won't work on sorcerers, or incubus or succubus. She has also learned some tricks of sleep inducement, and seduction inducement which she is still a beginner at and is easily resisted, unless the victim wants what she is trying to make him or her do. A few combined powers that she has learned from the dark magic and the succubus is that she can create wings for herself out of darkness, and a tail as well. However she can only do this in the dark, or at night. She also knows some magic, but it is all cursed and dark magic. She's not very good at it, but wants to become better and stay rebellious all her life and to be Her own boss.

Weapon: Switchblade, 9mm handgun, .50 Cal sniper rifle

Biography (at least four lines): Torren was born on a cold, dark night in kilravock Scotland, near loch ness. She was a depressed child, living most of her days alone in her room, or in a dark corner. Her unknowing, yet caring parents had no idea why she was like this and tried to coax her to be more 'normal' in a way. At the age of 8 she moved to Glasgow with her parents, and from there she started to discover her powers and developed them to be unique to only her. When she was 10 she met a succubus, who, noticing that Torren was part succubus taught her some of the ancient ad deadly powers of the she-demons. Torren became good friends with succubus, even becoming very close with one. She however had to stay in glasgow and did so, honing her powers to a deadly weapon. She remains in Glasgow to this day, trying to figure out the world.

Rp example (at least four lines please): I sighed as I sat alone in my room, the lights out, the window barricaded. Sure, I was paranoid, maybe a bit scared.... But still, I wasn't going to admit that. I lay back on my bed and drew my switchblade, and ran the blade against my wrist...causing my skin to bleed and I smiled at the pain. Finally I sat up and put some eyeliner on and left my room, an idea in my devious mind.
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