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Name: Hattie Natali Inkwell-Lament(nee Lester)
Age: 9
Birthday: April First
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Paris, France
Purist of: Fortune(Level 3)
Species: Human
Hair Colour: White, tinted silver and gold
Hair Style: Medium length-long, usually curled or braided carefully
Eye Colour: Navy Blue
Style: Hattie tends to like fancier looking things, and she also likes to use the colour combination of white, gold, silver, and navy to compliment her hair and favorite colours. She is, and I just realized this, ALMOST the exact opposite of Blot in most ways. Other than how they both get some of their sense of style fr0m the steampunk culture.
Typical Outfit: She usually wears a dress of some sort in her favorite colours, and if not a dress a shirt and leggings. She just always wears white, gold, silver, and navy and sometimes black.
Anything Special?: Nope, thanks for asking!
Personality: Most often, Hattie is a nice, kind, and sweet girl. She has an "alter ego" who she has nicknamed "Mad Hattie", alluding to Alice's Adventures in WOnderland, one of her favorite novels. Given the chance Hattie would release all that pent-up anger constantly and never live in fear, but she has been tormented and daunted by her past into keeping her more extreme emotions locked up. She is able to put her mask on quite nicely and is able to live as normal a life as a person like her could. She is very friendly, as long as she remains in control.
Powers: Fortune's Abilities:
As the Purist of Fortune, she has the ability to sway a person's fate and change their life forever. The powers are ineffective in her place of residence, which is determined by her having stayed on the property for seven or more days straight. Her powers are contact, meaning she needs to touch the person to use her powers on them. Her powers can be misused easily as she has no control over them and considers them a curse. They have killed three people, all women, and one was an infant. Her powers were inactive during her year as an infant(age 0-1) and were trying to figure out if they wanted to be negative or positive first. They ended up negative. She touched her father multiple times in her youth which ended up in the result of her mother dying in childbirth and her baby sister being born dead. Later accidental misuse of the same powers led to the death of her lover's mother. Her powers switched to good, however, on her eigth birthday. The cycle runs and resets every seven years.
Siren Capabilities:
Through her mother's side of the family(the magical side), Hattie is descended from the not-so mythical sirens. Not familiar? The sirens are traditionally depicted as mermaids and are rumored to have a voice that can drive people insane upon hearing their song. Hattie has genetically inherited these capabilities, but she has figured out how to bend the magic within it to get different outcomes, outcomes beside insanity.
Ethereal Capabilities:
Hattie has a special branch of necromancy powers, the people who are able to use them are called Ethereals. Ethereals have a special link with the dead and especially the soul. The powers allow the Ethereal to travel in their sleep to other places in a ghost-like form with wings, this form is actually the person's pure soul. If one were to check on an Ethereal sleep-traveling they would appear to have no pulse and not be breathing, completely dead. However, Ethereals are generally light sleepers, and can be wakened to life with a simple tap on the shoulder or shake. An Ethereal can tell whether a person is to go to Heaven or Hell at the time they look at them while sleep-traveling based on what kind of wings they see the other person posessing. The wings an Ethereal sees on another person are not real, but just an indicator that is part of the soul. A good soul has feathery, angel-type wings and a damned soul had batlike wings. Note, if an Ethereal looks at an actual angel or demon while sleep-traveling they will see that soul's actual wings, clear as day, even if the wings are not supposed to show or are being concealed. Ethereals also have another rather useful power, the ability to summon the soul of a dead person. They are able to talk to and touch the soul, but the power only lasts for a while before dying off. Note, all souls are like this to an Ethereal. Tangible, yet somewhat translucent. Especially resourceful Ethereals will use the last mentioned power to conduct seances to make a profit.
Talents: She is a gifted musician and poetry writer.
Hobbies: Listening to music, watching Studio Ghibli films, spending time with her husband and family, playing music
Flaws/Weaknesses: Due to Fortune's powers Hattie has developed severe agoraphobia(the fear of leaving one's own house, open areas, etc). She also has rapid mood swings. She has a hard time getting used to change and often can't deal with it at all. She is very introverted and often isolates herself when stressed. She has a hard time getting used to a new person and once she befriends a person she tends to rely on them too much.
Penelope Lester: Penelope is Hattie's mother, but she is also like a teacher, therapist, consultant, and many other things for Hattie as well. Penelope is dead. Hattie uses her Ethereal powers often to speak with her mother, so that's no problem.
Nickolas Inkwell-Lament: Nickolas is Hattie's husband and love for life. The two met at ages 7 and 8(Nick older than Hattie) and fell for each other almost instantly. He was able to coax her out of her house once, but that ended up in the murder of his adopted mother(Fortune's powers. Aren't they lovely?). After Blot and Dimitri moved to Paris to help watch them and things got back to as normal as they could be, Hattie and Nick had a steady relationship that lasted for months. Hattie then made what she believe is "The stupidest desicion I'd ever made" and "let go" of Nick, believing her powers as Fortune could only harm him further, not knowing her powers had switched from evil to good. She erased his memory of her and sent them(as in Nick, Blot, and Dimitri) back to Italy. Nick slowly remembered her, however. They both missed each other horribly. At Christmas Hattie reached back out to him and apologized for everything. In a week and a half Blot, Nick, Dimitri, and now Olga moved BACK AGAIN to Paris, and Hattie and Nick were lovers again, like nothing had changed. To them, apparently nothing HAD changed, no time had passed while they were apart or anything because a day or so after they got back together Nickolas proposed marriage to Hattie. She had conflicted feelings about their marriage at first, but she said yes, and four months later they were wed. They're perfectly happy now.
Theme Song: Play It Right by Sylvan Esso
Assigned Colour: Navy
Inspiration?: Guh... The Mad Hatter. Derp
Favorite Colour: Navy Blue. Derp
Favorite (Music) Artist: HOW CAN SHE CHOOSE, GODS!
Favorite Author: ...Lewis Carroll, Edgar Allan Poe, Neil Gaiman

Relatable Meme.

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