Do you like Shakespeare?

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Do you like Shakespeare?

Post by liz on Mon Apr 14, 2014 7:20 am

Do you like Shakespeare?
This was the question posted on posters all over Cairi’s School a week or so ago. They’d been neatly printed on white sheets of printer paper with those little flippy flappy tabs you’re supposed to pull off. The posters were only marked with the question, and a summary that stated the school was looking for young actors to star in the school’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The tabs had the information about how to audition.
That was a week ago.
Now, all of the posters have at least four or five of the flippy flaps torn off. People have also been writing on the posters, the usual hype and hate. But now, who tore the flaps off?
Blot Inkwell-Lament. Actually, that girl went flippy-flap crazy and attacked the poster by the library. Then she stuck the tabs inside the hoods of everyone she knew and persistently poked everyone she knew and tried to persuade them into auditioning. If you lived in her household, it had not been a pleasant week for you at home. Apparently her methods had worked, because a girl named…
…Olga showed up at auditions. Olga hadn’t just come to make Blot happy, she’d actually wanted to be in the play. Just a little bit. She wouldn’t admit it, though.
A demon named Puck also decided to audition, for the role of, well, Puck. This demon in particular was a bit grotesque, but the devil had given him a present, as he was a friend of the family. The present was a bewitched mask he could pull over his face, and the mask would cause him to appear human to all. The directors had been a bit slow to accept him auditioning, but then decided “Hey, this is an equal opportunities school, right?” and let him in.
A friend of Puck’s decided to audition with him. Bloody Vermillion, the devil’s daughter. She very much wanted a role in the play as well, although she may or may not have gone to auditions just to crash the thing.

Relatable Meme.

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